Cupcake Day @ Work :: June Edition

Perhaps the title of this post is somewhat misleading, because, in fact, my June treat was not a cupcake at all, rather a cake pop! I did sorta use a cupcake recipe though, in order to create said pop.

I had been wanting to try cake pops for a while. And I think just things coming together, a bunch of different elements lead me to thing, blueberry cake pops! My coworker had brought in some blueberries from Hammonton (blueberry capital of the world, apparently) and I had seen these super cute plastic fruit bins at Target and thought, now’s the time to try some pops finally!

I searched the internet and pinterest, because I thought for sure, someone had created cake pops in the shape of blueberries before and perhaps used a blueberry recipe as well. No such luck though. If they had, they didn’t share with the world. I’m not gonna say that I wasn’t a little proud of myself for coming up with the idea though! A little pat on the back never hurt anyone 🙂

Based on the Cake Pops book by Bakerella where you bake a cake first, then crumble it, and mix with frosting to create the ball shapes, I decided it would be better to go with an actual cake recipe vs like a muffin where the blueberry shapes were kept relatively in tact. So, next came the search for a good recipe. I stumbled across Roasted Blueberry Cupcakes and thought, yep, perfect. Good reviews, fun color, pretty easy recipe. Sold.

For the icing to mix with the crumbled cake, I decided to go with a Duncan Hines cream cheese. 1) because I LOVE cream cheese frosting 2) it was late, and I didn’t want to be up all night, so store bought it was!

After molding the ball shapes, I just used chopsticks and sorta dug a little hole and pinched the sides to create the blueberry ends.  For the blue candy melts, I had to go to AC Moore and buy the DARK BLUE ones. Michael’s had a blue, but it wasn’t near as dark.

Couple glitches I ran into were the consistency of the cake ball, probably due to the blueberries, wasn’t as firm as I imagine just a regular cake recipe would be, so they slid a little on the sticks. Also, the candy. After reading up on some troubleshooting, apparently dark candy melts can be really thick, which it was, making it harder to get a smooth surface on the coating. I melted some shortening into the candy to help, and it did, but I would probably use even more next time.

As for presentation. Like I said, I saw those cute little plastic fruit bins at target, and I just used that green foam stuff for floral arrangements as a base to stick all the cake pops in, so it looked like a little bushel of blueberries. How stinkin cute right?!

Overall, I think they were a success. Freakin labor intensive though, and these weren’t even as complicated as ones I’ve seen haha. Maybe I’ll try again one day, but for now, I think I’ll just keep on cupcakin. 🙂


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