Cupcake Day @ Work :: March Edition

Alright alright, I know I’ve been super bad about posting lately, and have a lot of catching up to do, but I figured I’d “sweet talk” my way out of this one 🙂

Of course, March = St. Patty’s Day. And by request from coworkers, was some sort of alcohol enhanced treat, haha. Of course. I had a couple different cupcakes in mind, but being that life just got busy, I just went with an Irish Creme cupcake recipe in the book from the bakers at Georgetown Cupcake. I’ve had their Irish Creme cupcakes before, but for whatever reason, I felt mine tasted different. Not bad, just different. The Bailey’s definitely made it’s appearance known. But I thought the hint of Irish creme, along with the chocolate cupcake batter and the cream cheese frosting. Mmm, perfection….if I had more time, I’d have thought more about the decoration on top, but I just went simple, green M&Ms haha.


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