Al Di Là Events

A little over a year ago, a friend from college contacted me to help her with the branding of her new company. Logos and corporate identity are probably some of my favorite things to do, along with invitations, so of course, I said yes!

Al di Là, which means “beyond” in Italian, is an all-inclusive event and party design company. The owner, Lauren, an elegant, sophisticated, and totally awesome person, wanted the same vibe from her logo. Easy peezy. We ended up with a geometrical encased “plaque” style logo. The swirls hinting at the feminine touch and style, with fun and elegant font. As for the color, purple can also symbolize many things. I’m sure many people don’t even realize that logo colors aren’t just arbitrarily chosen. For example, have you noticed that many restaurants or logos associated with food are red? Why? Because it makes you hungry! haha. Here are some of the reasons why purple was a great color for this logo. { Why Purple?? }

So, after the logo was completed was the next step. Marketing. Business cards. Now, we could have designed some nice business cards for cheap that could’ve gotten the job done, but Lauren, being awesome, said if we’re gonna do it, let’s do it right, and basically was a designer’s dream, and let me have free reign of the business card design. Die cuts? Yes, please. Spot gloss? Of course. Awesome quality? Always. And so, with those extra touches, we would help ensure that not only the first impression of Al Di Là Events was memorable, but so too, would be working with them.

If you get the chance, please check out Lauren and her work for your next event!! { Al Di Là Events }


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