Faux Granite Countertops

Ok, so for today’s post, I was thinking about what I was doing around this time a year ago. Since I had plenty of time on my hands due to unemployment, I started making over the majority of the rooms around the house! But, the kicker, no job = no income, so makeovers for less were my challenge!

It turns out that last January was my powder room project.

I was not very good at documenting all the changes, so I only have a few shots of the project unfortunately.

STEP 1: Paint
First thing to go, the seagreen wall paint. I painted the walls a nice, light neutral tan color. Easy enough.

STEP 2: Mirror
The original was a wall-to-wall plain mirror held up by those lovely plastic claws, vom. To Home Depot I went, and got this simple white oval frame, much better!

STEP 3: Hardware
Since funds were in shorter supply, I decided to just spray paint the light fixture, towel bar, and tp holder a matte silver, then I just purchased new glass shades for the light.

STEP 4: Cabinets
The original cabinets were this pale glazed light wood, kinda pink too, blah. So I sanded, and primed, and painted them a crisp, clean, glossy white! They also had no hardware originally, so I added some knobs as well.

STEP 5: Countertops
As you can see, the counters were a lovely shade of mermaid green laminate, vom. Had to go. I believe my hours of watching HGTV led me to this faux granite paint product { Giani Granite } and I just HAD to try it! It looked easy, and it was, relatively. I’m not a fan of how the nooks and creases turned out, I guess I just didn’t cut the sponge small enough, or perhaps I’m just a perfectionist…. but I’d say overall, it was worth it. Much cheaper than granite, haha. There weren’t too many steps involved. It was a matter of putting a base coat, then just layers of sponging different colors all over to make a “natural” granite appearance. And of course, a finishing coat and drying time.

My goal was to tackle the kitchen with this product, but the hard part is, you can’t have anything on the surface for like 2 days. With 2 dogs, a cat, and a husband….that’s easier said than done. Needless to say, my kitchen countertops are still pink laminate, haha! But all in good time.

So how do you think this project turned out?? Does it look like real granite to you?


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