{ Day 2 } Calligraphy Class

Letters have always interested me, whether fonts, or just different handwriting styles, I just always like seeing all the variations and unique characters. For years I’ve wanted to learn the art of calligraphy. I practiced on my own when I was younger, and even got to pen some placecards for confirmants at my church. But I never went very far with this art form.

Fast forward many years, let’s say, 10, and it’s wedding season. All these beautiful calligraphed invitations and envelopes cross my path at least every week, and knowing that I have a knack for the creative, I longed to make it official, and take a class!

So, google, you made my day, and came up with a class for the right price, at the right time, in the right place! Today was the second class. Right now we are learning the italic hand, and tonight focused mostly on building the letters “v, w, s, f, x, z, b, r, p, q, m and n”. Whew, is that all? Right now we focus on form and the basics, but I just can’t wait til I get to learn all the fancy scripts and flourishes…hopefully I won’t have to wait too long 😉


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