{ Cupcake Day @ Work } January Edition

SO, over the next days and most likely, weeks, I’ll be bringing up old projects, to fill up all this empty space 🙂 I figure I’ll start with one of my biggest hits though, Thin Mint Cupcakes! These were abso-frickin-lutely awesome. Not only did they have crushed up cookies in the batter, but also a cool refreshing mint buttercream topped it off perfectly. If I had known they were going to be such prized cupcakes, I would’ve made more!

But, of course, this makes me think of the days when I was out selling girl scout cookies. Maybe I’m just sore because I remember going out for hours, walking the neighborhoods, from door to door, that I just don’t feel like I should buy cookies from the girls that just sit at the supermarket tables on Sundays. Where is the effort? I would be out in the cold, every weekend, taking orders, then, after all that was over, we had to go back and deliver all the cookies! Now, I know the world isn’t what it used to be, but really, what are these girls learning by just haggling people that walk by?

I was looking at a new stove today, and there were girls selling cookies at the store (already a weird location) but I overheard one girl complaining that people just come in and ignore them. Guilty. Oops. But seriously, whether you’re sitting at a table, or walking door to door, one thing selling cookies teaches you about is rejection, haha! So get used to it. I’m sure most people just don’t like confrontation, or telling you no, because they’ve already bought cookies from some other girl scout, and that doesn’t make it right, but that’s life. I wonder, is there a better way to teach the girls the same lessons? Who knows.

Anyway, back to reality. It’s Sunday night, and I have some more chores awaiting. Mostly laundry. Blah… Calligraphy class tomorrow night!! I’ll have to post about that too 🙂


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